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Remains of a Soviet Uto­pia
by Ing­mar Nol­ting and Arne Piepke

Vaziani (Geor­gia), an estate of run­down tower blocks, was con­struc­ted during the soviet era and ser­ved as accom­mo­da­tion for sol­diers, sta­tio­ned in a near-by mili­tary base. Back then the popu­la­tion lived in pro­spe­rity – the set­t­le­ment flou­ris­hed. After the down­fall of the USSR, the sta­tio­ned Rus­sian sol­diers left the set­t­le­ment for home. All that was left were the ruins of a socia­li­s­tic dream, which should become a new home for the poo­rest of the poor. The govern­ment sold the flats for 50 Lari to people with depri­ved back­grounds, home­l­ess and IDPs from Abkha­zia. Alt­hough time shat­te­red con­crete to dust, the people stay – they hope for a future in their home.

With their pho­toes­say ´Remains of a Soviet Uto­pia´, Arne Piepke and Ing­mar B. Nol­ting create a strong atmo­s­phere and her­eby con­vey the fee­ling of what it is like to live in Vaziani. They docu­men­ted the pre­sent con­di­ti­ons in the for­mer mili­tary town, por­tray the inha­bi­tants, reflect their daily life and their con­nec­tion to Vaziani.